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Welcome to Blenheim Systems

Blenheim Systems are the largest supplier in Ireland of Fuel Management Equipment to the transport, government and private industries.  We have over 600 Installations in Ireland from small fleets of 3 vehicles to large networks involving multiple sites and hundreds of vehicles.  We provide service to all Major bunker companies such as DCI, TOP, TEXOIL, TEXACO, TOPAZ, IDS (Q8), QED and CSC. We also supply and maintain equipment for Cemex, Oxigen, Local Councils, Department of Defence, An Garda Síochána and many other independent fleet operators.

Blenheim Systems supply a complete turnkey solution including Tanks, Pipework, Gauges, Jigsaw Fuel Management Systems and Site Decommissioning.  We have a full range of PC linked systems or internet based ‘On Line Authorisation’ equipment incorporating all types of access devices including Cards, Keys, Tags, Proximity devices and Nozzle Activated Systems.  We provide full training for fleet managers as part of our package together with advice on how to setup your fuel management system.

We provide a Full Range of Environmental Equipment for your Petrol or Diesel installations including Spill Kits, Interceptors, Grit Traps and Carwash Separators.

Blenheim Systems have an industrial Department where we supply a full range of Water Pumps, Chemical Pumps, Metal Detectors and Checkweighers to the Food and Packaging Industries.  We provide a comprehensive Calibration and Certification service for all makes of metal detectors in the food industry.